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Avatar Has Cometh


"I'm the king of the world!"

At noon yesterday, I watched James Cameron’s latest sci-fi epic, “Avatar.” There is something amazing that occurs when you witness a certain film. Something powerful. Most movies nowadays lack this, but every once in a while, a movie comes along that has it. A movie that envelopes you with sheer awe & wonderment. That takes ahold of your imagination and makes you feel like a little kid again. This thing is called magic. Movie magic. “Avatar” is one of those movies.

Thank you, Mr. Cameron, for making me feel something I’ve not felt for a long, long time.

Now,  if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go pack up my stuff and move to the planet moon of Pandora. I want to make the 4.3 light year journey, even if it means sleeping for years in a cryogenic chamber to get there. I want to wander through Pandora’s jungles. To explore its lush flaura and fauna. To meet a beautiful 9 feet tall humanoid. To.. What? Not possible? What do you mean we don’t have the technology? Damn it. I’ll have to settle for watching the movie again, and that’s fine by me. 😀