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I Can Finally Name That Gun


I think it’s safe to say we’ve all clicked our way to The Internet Movie Database whenever we want to know specific information about a movie, whether it’s the name of a cast member, user ratings, memorable quotes or some fun movie trivia from the production of the film. I sure know I always go there before downloading renting a movie to check out the ratings, ’cause I’ve proven that if the rating is 5.5 or higher, chances are I’ll end up enjoying it. But what if I see someone pull out an amazing piece of weaponry? Will IMDB be able to come to the rescue and nurture my brain with anything and everything there is to know about it? Nay.

Let’s take peek at John Matrix from 1985’s Commando, shall we?


This piece of badassery Ahnuld is holding up while flexing his huge bicep just to make guys like me squirm is called a Valmet M78 7.62x39mm. I’m ready for Jeopardy.

Siegfried: I’ll try Weapons for $500

Alex Trebek: What is the name of the weapon Arnold Schwarzenegger holds up while flexing his bicep just after he’s done getting ready to open a can of hurt?

Siegfried: What is a Valmet M78 7.62x39mm

Alex Trebek: You got it!

Link via Neatorama