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Pixar’s Up: Remixed. Result: Geekgasm.


I’m “hopelessly geek-ridden.” If you had no clue, then I suspect you don’t pride yourself on wielding a keen power of observation. Maybe not even a mild one. Won’t even ask if you can guess my nationality. I’ve been a geek for as long as I can remember. Since before it was considered “cool.” I think “Star Wars” might have been the catalyst. Anyway, when a geek experiences something extremely geekish, his mind peaks and explodes in an intense fireball of geeky pleasure. Its called a “geekgasm.” I just had one. Actually, I had two.

This morning, while zipping around my newsreader, I came upon this remix video of Pixar’s “Up.” It’s the creation of Nick Bertke (a.k.a Pogo) who’s an emerging electronic music artist in Perth, Western Australia. He made this by taking chords, bass notes and vocal samples from the movie. The end result is nothing short of amazing. Accolades go to you, Pogo.

And if this wasn’t enough to make my day, I discovered he also worked his magic on “The Sword in the Stone”, which is my all time favorite animated movie. I’ll definitely keep my eye on this guy and I can’t wait for his next masterpiece.