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Robin Hood Returns! No Bryan Adams.


The soon-to-be 10 year old movie “Gladiator” is pretty awesome. So, when I found out a couple of months ago, that Russell Crowe had re-teamed with Ridley Scott to update the story of Sir Robin and his Sherwood Forest followers, I was ecstatic.

I was first acquainted with the legend of the outlawed gifted archer who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, through a couple of anthropomorphic animals in Disney’s animated “Robin Hood.” I was about 4 years old. Growing up, my father introduced me to Errol Flynn’s “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, which today is one of my all-time favorite movies and I can’t watch my DVD copy enough. Recently, I discovered the BBC’s “Robin Hood” series, and so far it’s been servicing my eyes quite alright. Especially that Lucy Griffiths playing Marian. *sigh*

This new film looks dirty and somber. I can see they’re going for historical accuracy and realism here. I’m confident this will end up being an epic feast and I’m positive it will be better than Kevin Costner & his mullet’s portrayal of the anti-hero, which I happen to love. Minus the many mistakes and goofs that movie has.

Can’t wait for this! Makes me wanna don green tights, fashion myself a bow & arrow and shoot something. Or someone. Perhaps a neighbor.