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2010: The Year I Stop Running


Happy 2010! May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolu… What the–?! Where is everyone? Ah, way to go Siegfried, late as usual. I guess I’ve been off the grid for a while. As of today, Twenty-ten has already chugged back twelve of its days and every tried and true blogger out there has been churning out post after post with what seems like little or no rest. So, why are my fingertips pecking my laptop’s keyboard twelve whole days after this new year dropped its anchor? Why have I waited so long to publish my first post of the year?

Because I’m a lazy blogger, that’s why, and if I were anything like Old Ben Kenobi and the Force were my ally, I’d sense millions of voices (more like a dozen) suddenly cry out in agreement. In addition to the fact that I’m as idle as Garfield (and as lasagna-loving), writing is simply not my forte.

A couple of months ago, I began courting the idea of having my very own blog about je ne sais quoi, as if the blogosphere wasn’t already as overpopulated as India. I picked the most obvious username I could think of and set out with no clear direction or purpose. No real reason as to why I was venturing in here. I just was.

The blogging community is filled with people who aren’t afraid of opening up and sharing their thoughts and opinions with whoever is willing to read. People who make it look effortless, as if the words just flowed with the wave of a wand. A wand I don’t happen to possess, though I’d prefer a staff. Why would I want to assume the role of writer, when reading is so much easier?

Being a complete novice, this has yet to become a part of my regular routine, as evidenced by my lack of activity. It has yet to stick. Don’t even know if it will. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time I start something, only to pull the black and yellow-striped eject lever shortly after. A few miles from here, there’s an evil little brunette who can attest to this. I like to call her She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, or ex, for short.

Putting myself out there has always been beyond the outskirts of my comfort zone. So, why haven’t I pulled that lever yet, when I’m so clearly convinced I don’t have the chops for this? Why don’t I just add this blog to the impressively long list of other things I’ve abandoned?

I think I know why.

Because I already started, and I’m tired of quitting. I’m tired of running. Tired of being tired of running and not doing anything to stop. Tired of slacking. This is the year I stop bailing out. The year I stop pulling that lever at the first sign of difficulty. The year I dust off everything I’ve forsaken and finish what I started. My name translates into “Victorious Peace.” I think I have the “Peace” part handled, now I need to work on that first part.

Happy belated 2010 to everyone!