2010: The Year I Stop Running

Happy 2010! May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolu… What the–?! Where is everyone? Ah, way to go Siegfried, late as usual. I guess I’ve been off the grid for a while. As of today, Twenty-ten has already chugged back twelve of its days and every tried and true blogger out there has been churning out post after post with what seems like little or no rest. So, why are my fingertips pecking my laptop’s keyboard twelve whole days after this new year dropped its anchor? Why have I waited so long to publish my first post of the year?

Because I’m a lazy blogger, that’s why, and if I were anything like Old Ben Kenobi and the Force were my ally, I’d sense millions of voices (more like a dozen) suddenly cry out in agreement. In addition to the fact that I’m as idle as Garfield (and as lasagna-loving), writing is simply not my forte.

A couple of months ago, I began courting the idea of having my very own blog about je ne sais quoi, as if the blogosphere wasn’t already as overpopulated as India. I picked the most obvious username I could think of and set out with no clear direction or purpose. No real reason as to why I was venturing in here. I just was.

The blogging community is filled with people who aren’t afraid of opening up and sharing their thoughts and opinions with whoever is willing to read. People who make it look effortless, as if the words just flowed with the wave of a wand. A wand I don’t happen to possess, though I’d prefer a staff. Why would I want to assume the role of writer, when reading is so much easier?

Being a complete novice, this has yet to become a part of my regular routine, as evidenced by my lack of activity. It has yet to stick. Don’t even know if it will. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time I start something, only to pull the black and yellow-striped eject lever shortly after. A few miles from here, there’s an evil little brunette who can attest to this. I like to call her She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, or ex, for short.

Putting myself out there has always been beyond the outskirts of my comfort zone. So, why haven’t I pulled that lever yet, when I’m so clearly convinced I don’t have the chops for this? Why don’t I just add this blog to the impressively long list of other things I’ve abandoned?

I think I know why.

Because I already started, and I’m tired of quitting. I’m tired of running. Tired of being tired of running and not doing anything to stop. Tired of slacking. This is the year I stop bailing out. The year I stop pulling that lever at the first sign of difficulty. The year I dust off everything I’ve forsaken and finish what I started. My name translates into “Victorious Peace.” I think I have the “Peace” part handled, now I need to work on that first part.

Happy belated 2010 to everyone!


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32 Responses to “2010: The Year I Stop Running”

  1. Alexandra Says:

    Hey there mate! Now that’s a really good choice from where I see it. Congratulations, if you manage to make this decision and do something about it at first, it’ll all come easier in the future.
    Not many people are able to admit what’s the root of the problem and they’re just compromising their daily life by trying not to think about it, which is quite foolish.
    Do what you must do! πŸ™‚

  2. bearmancartoons Says:

    And if you bail, you won’t be the first or the last. Just as long as you continue to regularly visit my site. Otherwise, I’ll have to call you a quitter.haha j/k

  3. frigginloon Says:

    Yay Siegfried…welcome back. I know if you quit Susi Spice will come over and slap you and i will be waiting right behind….just in case you slap back πŸ™‚ Oh and what do you mean you can’t write, we don’t come here to look at the pretty pictures (there aint any πŸ™‚ ) . I don’t want to see you do a Forrest Gump on us….

  4. jammer5 Says:

    Quitting is for quitters, so quitting is not a good idea. Beside, with Susi and frigginlooner waiting in the wings to bitch-slap you if you do, posting seems like a no brainer (you never know where them hands have been). Happy new year.

  5. Susi Spice Says:

    ok i think ziggy u need a purpose…a purpose for posting.. my purpose is to convince people that I should be the one and true leader of the world… kinda like Pinky and The Brain style… why do i blog? because thats what i do everyday Pinky… try to take over the world!

    so i think we need to find YOU a purpose for blogging… there are hundreds of thousands of ppl who blog about their depressive lives, their lack of sex or trying to become discovered writers with their next big novel…u know boring shit… so you need to find a something of a purpose in your life in which to take us into your world.. (dont worry im taking this advice myself) I am choosing finding a new job this year it will be one of the reasons I post.. so we need to get u to think of something eg:
    finding a girlfriend
    finding a wife
    dating like crazy
    trying to get onto a reality show
    som ething that we can all laugh with you, at u and that u will end up discovering something of yourself.. what do you say!?

    • Siegfried Says:

      Take over the world? Are you kidding me? I thought your purpose was to rant. πŸ™‚

      Let’s see. My life is gloomy at times, but I reckon that’s not what I’ll write about. Well, not always. Sex department? Wouldn’t want to depress you, so I absolutely won’t be writing about that! Write a novel? Oh no, no, no. I just read them. I’ve lots of boring shit that might make it here or not.

      What? You even left suggestions for me to think about! How thoughtful of you. Let me go over them.

      Find girlfriend: I’m still licking my wounds from previous one.
      Find wife: Don’t I need a girlfriend for that? See previous response. Unless it’s a Russian mail order bride.
      Date like crazy: Sure, but not like crazy. Geesh, you Aussies are an intense and enthusiastic bunch aren’t ya?
      Try out for reality show: YES! I want to audition for American Idle. What? What do you mean that show doesn’t exist? Well it should. I’d probably be too lazy to even audition. Making me a winner.

      Don’t worry Susi, you’ll have plenty to laugh with me and at me about.

  6. Ruth Lorena Says:

    Its pretty easy to tell whats going on here. You set out to debut into the world as a movie critic while taking the opportunity to share a bit about yourself, meaning you would express pretty much everything that came to mind: 90 percent movies, 10 percent you. You were on track. Then came Avatar, and now no movie seems to tickle your fancy. I saw it, finally. The experience felt like the trip on shrooms i have not yet dared to take. I mean i get it, but there will be other movies worthy enough of your time. Meanwhile, wouldnt mind reading about your daily ummm i dunno reaching one year more of life? Yeah, i said it. Happy Bday my friend! May this be a year full of reasons to post about. Looking forward to it already. πŸ™‚

    • Siegfried Says:

      I know! That’s exactly what happened! Now that 90% is vacant, and available for rent! lol I knew you’d like Pocahontas in Space πŸ˜€ And I did turn 30 today. Argh! NOT happy about it lol Thanks Ruthy. πŸ™‚

  7. rtm Says:

    Hi Siegfried! I’m with the others, don’t quit, dude… As a relative newbie blogger, I know exactly how you feel, but trust me, you’re too hard on yourself! I love your writing style, there’s a real-ness and wit to it, just what a blog need. I mean, it’s not Shakespeare y’know, it’s supposed to be a written expression of the topic of your choosing.

    Btw, here’s an idea… how about if you start blogging about CHUCK? You’re so passionate about it when I told you I started watching. I would LOVE to read your weekly reviews of the show! How about that?

  8. frigginloon Says:

    Hey Siegfried, about that New years resolution? Can’t you see the natives are getting restless. Sheez, once Jammers gets into the bitch slapping fest there will be no stopping!!!! Quick hurry up!!!!

  9. frigginloon Says:

    Let the slapping begin…..

  10. ranty yustina dewi Says:

    The good thing aboout writing is here’s no rules about it.

    When you want to wake up and write, then you write. When you’re somewhere in the world and feeling to write, you write. It’s easier to do than kindergarten homework, at least for me πŸ˜›

    So, I’m with you, to finish what we started, and if I may add, it’s okay if you really have to run, as long as you now your way back home.

    Keep up the good work, Siegfried! I had fun reading your posts ^_^

  11. Susi Spice Says:

    u dead?

  12. frigginloon Says:

    “The Year I Stop Running”

    Blahahahaaha and the year you stop posting…come out and play Siegfried we miss you 😦

  13. hayleyandrews Says:

    Dont stop blogging!!
    You have a wonderful writing style, write whenever you feel like it and there are people that will enjoy to indulge…myself included!
    Hope 2010 is going well

  14. Counter Culture Clown Says:

    Would an obscenely late comment be fitting?

    Here it is. Don’t ask me to do it again. Even though you didn’t ask. And I have no idea what I’m talking about. Yet I keep talking? Yeah, that’s about it.

    Happy super-late comment to your belated blog about late-ness and quitting. I quit.

  15. Bearman Says:

    Anyone home????

  16. frigginloon Says:

    I’m guessing 2010 is the year you ran so fast you stopped blogging 😦

  17. fla Says:

    ok.. FOR STARTERS.. I had become pretty lost then i’ve dealt with all my ghosts, and gotten into terms with the reality of.. stinkin.. BUT When i come up and about you are basically nowhere to be found.
    Other than “shewhomustnotbenamed” I am aware as well of your tendency.. I think Ive told you way more times than we will actually remember, starting off with the first paid website and then the expendables poster hyper, and then this blog here which i see you edited since i took off into space.. one conclusion tho, and yeah that is 2009 sucked, eh. um.. yeah.
    So 4 months later after you say quit no more im here seeing you have? Please correct me if im wrong. Where you hiding siggo ol’ pal…
    Let me say this in spanish best: DONDE CARAJOS TE METISTE CONDENAO!! APARECE jaja, Espero q estes bien, xoxo, tqm.

  18. Mrs.Boo Says:

    Yo Sieg, guess who.

    By now I can’t even remember what screen name I went by back when I used to comment here. I mean, has it really been a year? Geez, I guess 2010 really was the year you stopped running. You didn’t even walk much, did you. You couldn’t even get to your computer to post? Come on man, enough is enough. It’s 2011 already, will be for a couple of months still, and I just wanna tell you that you can start moving again. Mkay? I’m sure your bloggerific friends will be more than thrilled to read about you. I’m guessing they won’t mind keeping up to date with movie trivia either. I, for one, have been pretty lost on that area. Ok, so I always have been, but still, wouldn’t hurt.

    So hey, how about if you let the screen get a glance at that Bruce Willis face of yours and start blogging again -I hear flattering works on some people, so here’s hoping-, hmm? Something tells me these days you have plenty of interesting stuff to write about. Maybe even a reason to rethink your whole purpose of blogging. I dunno, you tell us -please-. I even promise to start blogging myself if you come back around: the tales of a chatterbox that can’t help herself, but really wishes to. Or rather: the retrospective journey of one hell of a wedding planning. You know, because I never had the guts to apply to a certain bee blog that might have something to do with weddings and I might just have been dying to do so all this time but am now to late for that and… well, you get the picture.

    Thing is, I’ve been running a bit too. We all do, from time to time, to time and time again… It’s just part of life, and you’re no different than the rest of us. So what do you say? Any day now, be it this year or the next, or whichever you may chose, we’ll be here -I mean, I don’t know about the rest of them, but ‘we’ just sounds more encouraging, wouldn’t you agree?-.

    So come on running back. I really do hope to read from you soon. After all, you are Siegfried, and that, my friend, is a mouth full right there. It would be wonderful to read more about it indeed.

  19. Julia - Aberrant Crochet Says:

    Just perusing my follows and remembered Siegfried! Enjoyed Mrs. Boo’s post above. πŸ™‚ So… you writing anywhere else these days?

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