Avatar Has Cometh

"I'm the king of the world!"

At noon yesterday, I watched James Cameron’s latest sci-fi epic, “Avatar.” There is something amazing that occurs when you witness a certain film. Something powerful. Most movies nowadays lack this, but every once in a while, a movie comes along that has it. A movie that envelopes you with sheer awe & wonderment. That takes ahold of your imagination and makes you feel like a little kid again. This thing is called magic. Movie magic. “Avatar” is one of those movies.

Thank you, Mr. Cameron, for making me feel something I’ve not felt for a long, long time.

Now,  if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go pack up my stuff and move to the planet moon of Pandora. I want to make the 4.3 light year journey, even if it means sleeping for years in a cryogenic chamber to get there. I want to wander through Pandora’s jungles. To explore its lush flaura and fauna. To meet a beautiful 9 feet tall humanoid. To.. What? Not possible? What do you mean we don’t have the technology? Damn it. I’ll have to settle for watching the movie again, and that’s fine by me. 😀


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10 Responses to “Avatar Has Cometh”

  1. Ruth Lorena Says:

    Didnt you ever wish to travel to the far far away land of the fairy tale story worlds that wrapped our minds when we were little? I think that magical feeling that overtook our tiny and inocent bodies back in those days is the same feeling we feel now every once in a while with a movie such as this. Many times i wished i could enter an armoir and step out into the forest of Narnia. I think deep inside were still those kids looking for our imaginations to be swept away.

    • Siegfried Says:

      Ruthy! Thanks for stopping by. As a kid, I always wished I could step right through the screen and into those fantastic worlds. Who, growing up in the 80’s, didn’t wish they could ride Falkor into the world of Fantasia and rescue it from The Nothing? Or maybe find a stranded little alien in your backyard and help him phone home? Or to go on an adventure with your friends to find the pirate treasure of One-Eyed Willy? Today, it’s very rare for me to see a new movie that makes me reminisce about a time when a child version of myself used to dream. 🙂

  2. Susi Spice Says:

    i always wanted to be the princess in the never ending story… cause she and I had the same hair hehe.

    • Siegfried Says:

      I wanted to save Fantasia and that little childlike empress 😛 The Neverending Story was one of my favorites growing up. Definitely on my top 10 fantasy movies list.

  3. jammer5 Says:

    I had pretty much the same experience. I saw it Tuesday and was basically awestruck. CG have evolved to the point real actors are hardly needed anymore. Just a fascinating movie in all respects.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Sherlock as well. I’m a major fan of Guy Richies “Snatch”, and from the looks of it, this one should be right up there with it. Robert Downey Jr is, imho, one of the best actors out there (Tropic Thunder, Iron Man), so it should be pretty good.

    • Siegfried Says:

      Totally agree with you. It’s impossible to tell you’re watching pixels. I suspect James Cameron somehow discovered this new planet and just took his crew and just started filming. It’s THAT good.

      I’m also looking forward to Sherlock Holmes. The movie trailer had a very Snatch-ish vibe to it, which was cool. It’s good to see Robert getting the respect he deserves, since he is one of the best out there, like you said. Man, now I wanna re-watch “Snatch.”

      Take care and hope that knee is doing alright!

  4. NobblySan Says:

    So, the South Park take on avatar is a bit wide of the mark is it?

    Man meets blue aliens and decide that their way is the best way – or, ‘Dances with Smurfs’.

    • Siegfried Says:

      That whole ‘Dances with Smurfs’ thing is actually not that wide of the mark, since the Na’vi characters are blue, and it’s pretty impossible not to reminisce about “Dances with Wolves” while watching.

  5. Yambo Says:

    700 Million and counting…..!!!! Pssss….what do i care, it’s not like they are being deposit to my bank account. Anyway, saw the movie again and wow….I got three “geekgasm”!!!

    • Siegfried Says:

      I know, awesome! This pretty much guarantees Avatar 2 & 3, and that’s a great thing. Hope you managed to catch it in 3D. Take care bud.

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