I’ve Been a Horrible Blogger

I brought this blog into the world and I’ve failed to maintain it. I’ve deprived it from ongoing and regular entries and made it suffer from extreme neglect.

In fact, if there was such a thing as a Blog Protective Services, I’m sure at least one of my five readers would’ve called the Blog Abuse Hotline and I would be serving sentence right about now. Maybe rocking myself back and forth in my cell, saying “I did the best I could” over and over.

Not if I can help it!

This blog will not resent me while growing up in foster care. I won’t give it up. I’m back and I’ll be giving this blog the frequent care it deserves.

I’m gonna take this opportunity to thank all of my five readers out there (which are probably just two by now) and say that you will finally have something new to read. Some new posts to roll your eyes at. Something new to waste your precious time on. Time you shall never ever get back and probably wish you could. I’m so excited for you. Whoever you are.


19 Responses to “I’ve Been a Horrible Blogger”

  1. simplyfla Says:

    Glad to have you back in the sac… well not THAT sac.. but u know.. the blogging sac LOL… 😉 welcome back! Dont leave us! its lonely here in starter blogger world lol =P

    • Siegfried Says:

      lol I’ll try not to. I’ve been suffering from being unable to think of anything to blog about. Went to see the Blogtor. Gave me some meds and said to give it 3 days to a week. Hmm, nothing yet.

  2. Alexandra Says:

    I used to have this problem too – not being able to maintain anything like a diary or such but I guess now I feel the need to say stuff and that’s what keeps it going. Good luck with it and thanks!

    • Siegfried Says:

      I guess i do feel the need to say stuff, but I’ve found it quite challenging to keep the creativity flowing. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. exitlanguages Says:

    Hi Siegfried,

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, seems to me like you’re doing a very respectable job here, so keep at it : -)
    What’s the use in blogging “just because”?

  4. pixieworx Says:

    You gave me a laugh! Part of why I joined NaBloPoMo, to push myself to write again. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • Siegfried Says:

      Glad i did! I’m going to check that NaBloPoMo ThinGo out.

      • pixieworx Says:

        NaBloPoMo.com. It’s about quantity more than quality. The official “contest” month is November, but you can enroll during any month and it does add your blog to their reader/roster. Don’t look at my Aberrant Crochet blog as an example of NaBloPoMo in action. If all I ever wrote about was crochet all day, I’d probably go crazy, but it is good for my customers and art friends to see what I’m working on, more details of my work, and I share stories too, etc.. Writing about mostly crochet is not as enjoyable as actually making it. And I like to write, but about anything I want to and whenever. Not just one subject. I have an everyday blog I use for NaBloPoMo – The Difference Between A Duck. I don’t how you envision using your blog, but that’s what I do. Best of luck getting back in there! You have a knack – you should use it!

        • Siegfried Says:

          Alrighty, just finished checking out NaBloPoMo’s FAQ section. I’m sold. Seriously considering entering for January’s blogroll. Maybe it’ll help me kick my blogger block’s ass. Thanks!

        • pixieworx Says:

          No problem! Great fun! Go for it!

  5. Susi Spice Says:

    oh Mr Siegfried u visiting blogs to get ur readership back huh!? 😛 hehe. its all good we all do it. nothing like a bit of shameless self promotion thats what you need to do mr!

    I went through about 3 months of bloggers block… ull get it back im sure! look forward to more from ya soon!

    PS this blog theme is hard for me to navigate..not sure how to post this reply haha. 😀

    • Siegfried Says:

      What? Are you accusing me of shamelessly promoting myself to get my readers back!? You’re… quite perceptive lol. While I continue treatment for my bloggers block, I might as well dig around and read what others are writing. Good stuff. I hope it doesn’t take me 3 months though! Glad you figured how to post your reply. Take care! 🙂

      • Susi Spice Says:

        yup figured it out!!! im a little smarter than the average bear haha. You should check out my friends on my blogroll omg Frigginloon, Jammer5, Blunt Delivery, Bearman all hilarious and amazing writers. have fun!!

  6. Ruth Lorena Says:

    How can some of your best in blogging be about how bad of a blogger you are? Ironic? Yes. Clever? Undoubtedly. Great minds work in mysterious ways, and they think alike too. So dont you think for one second that i am buying this self dissing apology as accidental. Smart move my friend. Tip of the hat to you.

  7. Yambo Says:

    I also thought this had the same destiny as CineGasmo….but I’m glad you are back! You have a gift…use it!!!

    • Siegfried Says:

      I’d like the gift to disobey gravity or climb walls harnessing the abilities of arachnids, but oh well. Thanks dude & happy holidays.

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