My Future Wedding Invitation

I saw this while having lunch and surfing the web (yes, at the same time, because I live on the edge) and got a case of the giggles. It’s the creation of Spanish graphic designer and illustrator Carla Berrocal.

8-bit Wedding Invitation

I’ve been wearing this thin synthetic human-like skin since 1980 and remember quite well the glory days of the 8-bit NES, so anything related to that gets my automatic stamp of Awesome. It’s definitely the second best wedding invitation these eyes have ever seen. Someday when I marry Olivia Munn (probably against her will), our invitations are going to be something great like this.

In case you were wondering:

  1. Click here for the best wedding invitation ever.
  2. I had beefsteak with rice & beans, fried plantains and a salad for lunch.

Link via BuzzFeed


2 Responses to “My Future Wedding Invitation”

  1. Ruth Lorena Says:

    Yum, Sweet fried plantains. Fit for a king… the king of geeks that is!

  2. simplyfla Says:

    Well although I find them cute and everything.. I’ve always dreamt of a white wedding đŸ˜¦ you know… church, dress, layer cake… that goes with matching invitations… sorry cant give that up.. but i would most gratefully be invited to yours and enjoy your geeky portrayal of a wed!! =)

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