If I Were a Smoker in a Parallel Universe…

Namco Lighters

I’d be puffing away in geek style. But in this universe, I don’t smoke. I also don’t have an uncontrollable urge to deliberately start fires. If I did, I would definitely get one of these classic Namco inspired Zippos. In fact, I should get one anyway, in case I get the impulse to coat the inside of my lungs with tar or set something on fire. They can be pre-ordered from NCSX for a measly $108.90.

*checks available credit on his Visa*

Crap. Sayonara for now Pac-Man Zippo.

Link via Kotaku


2 Responses to “If I Were a Smoker in a Parallel Universe…”

  1. simplyfla Says:

    And then the thought of kissing a smoked mouth.. ewwwww!! lol i do like fire tho… “Yes! yes! FIRE! FIRE!FIRE! huhh huhh” said Beavis looking at the pretty fire comin’ out of your cool lighter. Meanwhile Butthead watches tv and leans towards to kiss a smokin model… She was “smokin’!” suddenly interrupted by Beavis: Have you seen my Bunghole?[In a Third world accent] Beavis: My people; we are without Bungholes!

  2. Louann Says:

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